Privacy Policy

Privacy information notice LeDap

(effective as 27.01.2023)


Who will process your Personal Data?

This privacy information notice regulates the processing of your Personal Data (as defined below) by LeDap (as defined below) according to European Regulation No. 679/2016 on the processing of personal data (“GDPR”) and any other rule on the protection of personal data during the processing activities, which already is, or will be applicable by the time this contract becomes effective (the “Privacy Regulations”).

Who is the data controller of your Personal Data?

In the scenarios specially outlined herein,
the autonomous data controllers of your Personal Data are:

the entity affiliated to LeDap selling you the relevant products and services among the list of
entities listed in the Annex to this privacy information notice (the “Seller”) for the purposes where it is specifically indicated herein


LeDap Group AB with registered office in Kungstrdsgardsgaten 28, 7th Floor, 11147
Stockholm (Sweden), VAT No. SE559325905301 (“LeDap”) that appointed a data protection officer which can be contacted at the following address

The Seller and LeDap also operate as joint controllers for the purposes where it is
specifically indicated herein.

If you want to know more on the processing of your Personal Data, please download and carefully read the privacy information notice.